Aadhar Kendra Sponsorship Programme
Deep Griha Society, 13, Tadiwala Road, Pune 411 001, Maharashtra, India

Komal Bajantri

File No.: FWC-187. Gender: Female. Date of Birth: November 19, 2000.

Komal Bajantri entered the Aadhar Kendra Sponsorship Programme at the Tadiwala Road slum area (FWC) on June 01, 2005. She studies in the 6th standard at St. Hildaz High School, her favourite subject in school is marathi and she enjoys dancing. She is in very good health.

Her father, Suresh Yammana Bajantri, passed away in September 2002 due to aids. Her mother, Tayamma, is a domestic servent and earns Rs. 1000 per month. She has AIDS. The family does not own the house that they live in and they have to pay a monthly rent.

Information about other relatives living with the family:
Sister, Mamta, goes to a creche. (Date of birth: December 15, 1998)
Sister, Rani, is educated upto the 3rd standard. (Date of birth: June 04, 1996)

The family does not receive any other financial help that we are aware of.

Komal's father died of HIV/AIDS leaving behind three children and wife. Komal's mother not much educated is working as a domestic servant and earns about Rs 1000 per month with which she has to feed three daughters and herself moreover she is also affected with HIV and has to take regular medicine that increase more financial burden on her. Considering the conditon of the family we have enrolled Komal into aadhar kendra sponsorship programme so that we could support to continue her education.

Tadiwala Road, where the family stays, has a population of about 50,000. It is a relatively well-structured slum, however, it faces the same problems and has to deal with issues that are found in the lesser-structured slums in Pune and the country. Alcoholism, AIDS, poor sanitation and hygiene being some of the major issues. Now due to this family's association with Deep Griha, education on these issues and how to combat them is made available and Deep Griha's work at Tadiwala road since 1978 has seen development, maybe fractional in context of the bigger picture, but it has made a difference to thousands of lives.

The Aadhar Kendra (meaning support center in Marathi) programme was designed to see to the education of the child, it is our responsibility to see that his or her academic life is not overshadowed by the concerns and circumstances of home. The AK programme also reassures the family that we are committed to see the child educated. Most often the financial burden of school, the costs it involves make the family stop educating their child/children. Where the next meal comes from takes precedence over buying schoolbooks or pens etc. This is understandable, that is why we provide for all the child's educational needs, thus taking the pressure of the family. The child will also receive free nutrition at our nutrition centre and also free medical care and regular medical check ups. The family will also be assisted during any time of crisis.

We strive towards the holistic development of the children and we will do our best to make sure that they have every available opportunity before them. We hope that you will work with us, as we try to make a difference in their future.