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April 25, 2008


I’ll Just Sit Over Here….

I suppose after a long winter, and it seemed quite long to me, I am as eager as anyone to get outside and enjoy the springtime and look forward to summer.

I remember some years back I was a part of a study group. One of the members lived near a lake and suggested that the group meet at her lakeside home. “It’s just lovely and so nice and quiet. Everyone can bring their lawn chairs and make an afternoon of it as we discuss our readings.”

We all agreed that sounded great and so we gathered. The day was warm and sunny in late June. The lake was rather nice. There was an atmosphere of quiet and calm all around the lake as we gathered in her yard. Unfortunately, no one told AEP that we were meeting because it was that afternoon that they chose to place two new power poles just across the road from her driveway. No one told the next-door neighbor who had contracted with a firm to drill a new water well in his back yard that day. No one told the park commission just across the fence as they brought out lawn tractors to mow the grass. There were more motorized vehicles within 75 yards of our gathering than were in the Normandy invasion.

And, I am not even going to mention the gaggle of geese that were probably quite noisy just across the road, though we couldn’t hear them over the well-drilling machine.

That afternoon came back to me recently when I took a morning off. As I am wont to do, I brewed some Peet’s coffee and headed for the nearby park. To my delight, I was the only car in the parking lot, though I knew that could not last for long.

I walked on down to the lake. On a morning like this, with the sun in the east, coffee in my cup and a place to sit by the lake…I was quite delighted. Nothing to do but watch the geese and birds.


The geese were a noisy lot. I suppose they are establishing their nests this time of year and marking their territories and their squawking was considerably more pronounced than usual. But, as long as they were not attacking me; as long as I could slip along the dock to the bench on the other side of the pond, I would let nature be nature. I suppose there was a bit of Marlin Perkins in me…wanting just to sit and observe. (I seem to remember on those old Mutual of Omaha, Wild Kingdom shows that Marlin would sit under a tree and observe while he sent Jim, his younger, stronger … fool hardy, assistant to go wrestle the crocodiles or get close to the mountain gorilla to determine the number of teeth they had. No wonder Marlin lived to a nice old age.)

For this morning, I was Marlin and with enough coffee for the hour, I was content to “observe the wild geese in their natural habitat”…something Marlin would say….assuming the natural habitat of wild geese is a man-made lake in a Metro Park.

So, I sat. But within minutes, the Park Ranger came with his truck to empty the trashcans. He brought his dog that chased all the geese away and then the ranger left his pick up idling while he emptied noisy metal trashcans. Within minutes another park worker zoomed up on a high-powered lawn mower to cut the grass.

Soon it was me…pick ups…a domesticated, geese-hating dog, a half dozen Rangers and workers with lawn care tractors….and no geese.

Thus ended my reverie and began my day off. The coffee, though, was quite good.

Peace, Rev. Bob Tussing