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June 27, 2008


Happy Birthday, UCC!

Somewhere in Michigan, the Rev Bob Tussing is kayaking on a lake and communing with the loons.  While he enjoys a much deserved vacation, I have the privilege of writing this week’s e-gram.

Awhile back, Rev. Tussing mentioned to me that this week – specifically June 25th – is the 51st birthday of the United Church of Christ.  In July, I will celebrate my 52nd birthday – which makes me a year older than the UCC.  I guess that sort of also makes me a “big sister” to the UCC.  Initially, that thought made me laugh.  But the more I thought about it, I really do feel a bit like a big sister to the UCC.  Let me explain.

Just like a big sister would feel protective of a younger sibling, I feel very “protective” of the UCC.  I don’t like it when the UCC is criticized or unfairly represented.  A friend told me a few years ago that an acquaintance had said to her, “The UCC doesn’t believe in anything or stand for anything”.  It was a bit shocking and upsetting to hear that that is the image some people have of the UCC.  We discussed it at our Fri morning women’s group, and all agreed that being criticized gives each of us the opportunity to educate others and explain what the UCC is all about, starting with the UCC “Statement of Faith” - which brings me to the second way in which I feel like a big sister to the UCC…


Just like a big sister might feel proud of a younger sibling, I am extremely proud of the UCC.  I am proud to be a part of a denomination that has as its motto, “That they may all be one” (John 17:21).  I am proud that we welcome all people into our fold, regardless of their background or upbringing or personal faith journey.  I am proud that we practice open communion. I am proud that as members of the UCC we covenant with each other to minister to all people and to be witnesses of the Word of God as revealed through Jesus Christ.  I am proud that we celebrate diversity and confront issues of mercy, peace and social justice in our world.

Lastly, just as a big sister feels love for a younger sibling, I have a deep, deep love for the United Church of Christ.  I grew up in the UCC – it is a major part of who I am.  And just as one has unconditional love for a family member, regardless of the ups and downs, I will ALWAYS have a deep love for the UCC.
So it is with sisterly affection that I say, “Happy 51st Birthday, UCC!!!” :)

With love,
Lisa Bowersock