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August 15, 2008


Aloha means hello…and goodbye

Right now is a pretty interesting time to be me.  I don’t always feel that way, but right now I do.  I’m at a strange intersection in time where I’m looking back, looking forward, and stuck in the moment all at once.  I think all of that is covered in the Hawaiian word Aloha.  Let me explain…

On September 1, I begin my pastoral internship at St. John’s Evangelical Protestant Church in downtown Columbus.  This internship promises to be exhilarating and challenging at the same time.  I will lead their youth ministry, with a hand in working with children from preschool through high school.  When reflecting on this challenge, it occurred to me that this church was going to pay me to be Brenda Rizzo for them, to which she said, “You mean I should be getting paid for this?!”  I leave that topic to the Church Council to decide.

On August 31, I’ll worship with you all for the last time for awhile.  A number of people told me that they’ll miss me while I’m gone these next 9 months, and I’ll assure you that I’ll miss you, too.  The kindness, love, support, and generosity that you’ve extended me over the past couple of years is truly more than I could hope for.  I’m grateful for not only the support but also the opportunities you’ve given me.  With so much talk about “getting out of the boat” last Sunday, I’m reminded that I’ve been lovingly urged by DCC to get out of the boat myself since deciding to follow my calling.  In fact, last summer our own Rev. Tussing practically threw me out of the boat by definitively telling me that I was going to lead a service while he was on vacation and it was not negotiable.  And, it was probably the nicest thing he’s done for me, which is saying quite a lot.


Summer brings great opportunities for seminarians.  Grizzled veteran pastors take a few weeks off leaving people like Lisa Bowersock and I the chance to fill in and gain some experience before we go off on whatever path lies before us.  It’s been a fun summer working with Lisa.  Rather than taking turns covering Bob’s vacation weeks, we decided to work collegially with one another, and that has been very rewarding for me.  She and I have joked a few times that we’re thinking of petitioning the Church Council to add a few weeks of vacation to Bob’s compensation package.  We’ve also said it would be nice for him to take a week off in mid-December sometime, leaving one of us the opportunity to craft a sermon in the 3rd week of Advent rather than the 13th week after Pentecost, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves!

I’m stuck in the moment as well because as you are reading this, my family is heading off on the vacation of a lifetime.  We’re off for four days in San Francisco and a week in Maui with my best friend from high school.  Our friends have children the same age as my own.  It should be a fantastic trip, one that we’ve been planning for nearly two years.  It comes as a result of my friend’s tremendous generosity in offering us a place to stay on both ends of our trip, at their home in California and their timeshare in Maui.  Golfing, sailing, snorkeling, and grilling on the beach are on our agenda for the next few weeks.  We’re planning to do some worshipping/networking at a UCC church in Maui as well, I guess you never know who you might make an impression on.

As we’ve been preparing for our trip, we’ve tried to pick up a few Hawaiian words along the way.  Mahalo is the rather elegant word for “thank you” so it’s Mahalo that I say to you as I prepare to move on to a new ministry site.

Aloha, Scott Schieber