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October 3, 2008


He Who Waits

A month or two ago, the famous Christian Preacher and writer, Rick Warren had enough influence to get the two presidential candidates to sit down and be interviewed by him. First he had on Obama and then shortly afterwards he had on McCain. I am impressed that he could get the two men who will soon be “The Leader of the Free World” to come to his church and talk. More power to him.

I don’t suppose I have that clout and am hoping by 2012 I will have sufficient fame and evangelistic credentials that the next set of candidates will land their Lear Jets at Don Scott Field and sit down in my office for a one on one.

Recently Senator Obama was in Dublin. Dublin! I was available for the opening benediction for his rally, but his staff never called.

Senator McCain has been in Columbus several times and will no doubt return. I would be honored to give the benediction at any of his rallies. Thus far, no offers.

I like this give and take of Presidential Discussions and think that any time the candidates offer some solid proposals as to what they will do when they occupy the White House, then we all benefit. I follow politics closely and figure I might offer the questions to you which I would ask the two men if they sat down with me. I am hopeful that these are just simple questions which any American would want to know of their future President.

- Why is the economic crisis and bail out important to me and my household?

- Can you explain the economic crisis?

- Who decides when you are in the White House on issues such as war and peace?

- Do you have a plan for a sustainable energy program?

- We have a wonderful system of health care in this country. How can all Americans have access to it?

- Should the Supreme Court reflect just your political leanings or that of the entire spectrum of politics of our country’s citizens?

- Do you understand the checks and balances of the three branches of government? Will you respect those checks and balances?

- What should be our relationship with the rest of the world? (This is not a trick question. If we are all linked in the modern world, are we partners or individual nation-states?)

- Tell me something positive about your political opponent.


- Tell me something that you admire about the rival political party.

- One of you will win and one will lose and go back to the Senate. Will you, the loser, be the loyal opposition or just the opposition?

- Whoever of you is elected, it will be by a slim majority, either in actual votes or the electoral college…how will you reach out to the supporters of your former opponent? Or will you govern, seeking only to satisfy your political base?

- What does it mean to be patriotic?

- Why do you want to be President?

- Considering the tremendous challenges facing your Administration come January and keeping them in mind…tell us again why you want to be President.

- Tell us of an author whom you admire and have read.

- Tell us of a trip outside our country that inspired you (NOT with your Secret Service agents and entourage.)

- What sustains your heart and soul? Ignore the fact that I am a minister asking this.

- Shouldn’t men and women of the cloth have greater access to OSU/Michigan football tickets? (OK, one joke in all these serious questions)

I have a few dozen more questions and as you can see this list is totally non systematic. I could dwell on hot topics like abortion, gay marriage, immigration, defense and evolution but anyone who pays half attention to politics can pretty much state where a Republican and Democrat will land on those issues. They are important, but I am more interested in how they view the larger world. My questions tell me about what I want to know and no doubt reveal my own political biases. It should come as no surprise that I think a Democrat or Republican should govern like people of the opposite political party matter also. Unfortunately we have a toxic political system these days but I always have hope.

My best wishes to both men who are running…and to this country, which is endlessly fascinating when it comes to politics.

Senators, my email address is on the web site if you want to contact me. I could be very influential with the voters if you give me a chance.

Peace, Rev. Bob Tussing