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October 3, 2008


Wondering What Else We Might Own

Just how easy is it to forget that you own a stylish, brick lined, tree shaded patio on your property? I mean, really!

There is a wonderful bit in the movie “The American President” (stay calm, I am in no way making any reference to the current Presidential Campaigns, I am making reference to a Hollywood movie…and yes, yes, I know the movie was probably made by elitist Left Wingers….and financed by capitalist Right Wingers… you gotta love ‘em all…but I digress).

So in the movie, the President is a widower. He falls in love with a woman and one of the things he wants to do throughout the movie is send her a bouquet of roses. That’s a romantic, other-era notion, but it is rather sweet. Once while his entourage of seven Secret Service SUV’s is heading for the airport, the President stops the procession, runs in to the florist shop and tries to order some roses. The young florist turns to see The President of the United States standing in her shop…and faints. He also tries to order flowers another time via phone and that does not work. Finally near the end of the movie as the music swells and they are about to walk off into the sunset, he presents her with a beautiful bouquet of red roses. She asks where he got them.

He tells her that it just occurred to him that he has a Rose Garden on the White House grounds. (The music fades and they live happily ever after.)

Fast forward to life here at Dublin Community Church. Two years ago our church had a picnic after worship. We held it on the upper parking lot near the cemetery. The parking lot is smooth, has no trees and was a distance from the kitchen. We all had a good time and it was well attended, but it lacked a certain charm (difficult to foster charm when seated next to a dumpster.)

Last year they decided to move the picnic to the lower lot. Once again, a good time was had by all, but the harsh September sun was pretty direct.

But, somewhere in the middle of this past August, as a Committee was planning this September’s picnic, it occurred to someone that we own a brick surfaced, brick wall enclosed, lush tree shaded patio! We do. It is on the north side of the church facility facing the main street out front.


No one thought of that over the past couple years. How does a church own such a beautiful thing and forget that we own it? Don’t know. Doesn’t really matter either. I realize that with the preschool using that patio for their activities that we tend to close it off in our own minds and not consider it.

This begs the question of just what is going on around here? Who is using the building and how much? The answer is…virtually everyone ….  And they are using it all the time.

Recently I had an evening discussion group in Kennedy South. When we finished, I walked out in the parking lot with a church member. I was standing by his car and talking. I looked up at the main sanctuary and realized that the Scout Troop was having a ceremony there. (The Scouts are a part of DCC and have been for over 60 years. They help in all sorts of things, like recycling the tons of Food Pantry cardboard. We are glad to have them as a part of DCC.) The Goodwill Room was being used by the Scouts too; they had a prior meeting in there. The Gladden Chapel was hosting the Tree of Life Church Bible Study and some of its members were in the narthex. (Tree of Life is a small  church which rents space and they are good friends of DCC). In Kennedy North were the photographers for the new Church Directory. People from that were standing in the hall talking as they waited their turn.

Our name of Dublin COMMUNITY Church is right. We are located in the middle of the community and we are a part of much of what is going on. It gets busy around here, very busy. You cannot schedule one thing in the building without consulting the office about who has already scheduled the room.

A consequence of all this activity is that sometimes the church just plain forgets that we own a tree-lined, brick surfaced patio which is just right for a shady late summer picnic.

I am holding out hope that we already own a hot tub and have just forgotten about it. I will keep searching.

Peace, Rev. Bob Tussing