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October 24, 2008


The Long and Winding Road

Allow me to talk about the Presidential Election. No, I have no recommendation here I just don’t think that God has a favorite here in this election, even if some preachers claim that God does. I don’t think that my choice is the choice of God. I am not convinced that my choice is the best for America, nor the best recommendation for your vote. But, I have made a choice that I can live with. It was done with lots of careful reading and weighing of events…and prayer.

I also am not going to bemoan the length of this election. I don’t think it has been a scary or silly campaign but it is time to put a finish to it. We have a couple good men who hold some similar views on issues and some divergent views.

What I am writing about today are the issues that concern me most. I have thought about my candidate’s views on these and some other intangibles. You can do the same. Please don’t tell me I am wrong, these are not policy statements. This is simply how I think about the Presidential election in 2008. This is my open letter to both candidates.

Your main emphasis has been on taxes: always an important issue.  But also… assure me that my mother’s Medicare will stay in place. Assure me that my Social Security will exist when I retire. Tell us what YOU will do with these.

Prove to me that you understand the current economic meltdown. How is it that all these loans and credit and borrowing have nearly sunk us? I am talking about Dublin, Ohio and London and Dubai. I’ll give you extra points if you can explain how the entire banking system of Iceland collapsed and tried to borrow their way out by turning to Russia. How does all this affect my children trying to secure a home loan? If you do not fully understand it, that is all right. In that case I want you to prove that you can assemble a team of qualified experts to work on this. I also want you to be able to ask the tough questions and to lead and monitor those experts’ progress. Tell me why the recovery plan put forth by London and Paris was ultimately the one that Washington decided to follow. In other words…I want you to be really smart. Better yet, be really intelligent and be proud of it.

Level with us about how the economic crisis will really affect all your proposed programs. Do you have the political will to admit that the crisis changes absolutely everything which you have been proposing for the past year?

Talk to us about war. Of course I am talking about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. We know these situations are difficult. Appeal to our best instincts as Americans and remind us of the obligation we have to these wars, the people in those countries and the situations in which we find ourselves.  Our soldiers will put themselves under your command. Be worthy of their trust.


But, my larger questions are…What is the underlying philosophy of America and war? Who makes these decisions for war? When should we and should we not be talking tough about war? When should we be sending legions of trained military men and women into the battlefield? When should we be sending legions of trained diplomats into the conference rooms?

Energy independence, or should I say energy balance? If we are drilling our own oil, tell us why that is important. If we are not, tell us why that is important. Surely there is a balance between drilling, importing, nuclear, clean coal, hydrogen, solar and conservation. When will we make energy a national goal like we did like landing on the moon?

Tell us that being a political conservative is OK. Assure us that being political liberal is all right. I know you have a “base” to appeal to, but there is another 50% of the population who are not a part of your political base. Govern like you care about that other 50%. Then…do actually care about that other 50%. Don’t assure us that you are going to pack the Courts with liberals or conservatives. There is no inherent virtue in one over the other, no matter what your base says. You may be of the political left or the political right but you must govern from the middle.

Tell us why other nations on earth do matter. Treat and speak of other nations with respect. Lay out your goals of working in partnership with them for defense, economic balance and trade. Working with other governments does not indicate weakness on our part. To me it indicates our strength.

Lift my sights and offer a vision of what you see America to be today and what you want to see America become tomorrow. It is OK to say that we have stumbled as a nation. You do not HAVE to say we are #1 and are the envy of the world. Appeal to our best instincts.  Inspire us to serve nobly in the military; to teach in an inner city school; to give some years to mission work through our church. Americans are not afraid of bad news and tough challenges. Tell us clearly why our sweat will make a difference in our neighborhood and across the country and world. Survey our history and point out where we have made a difference for the good of humankind and where we can lead tomorrow. Tell us your heartfelt hopes and dreams. Tell us what you wish for America. Don’t tailor your vision depending on whether you are in Detroit or Dallas or San Diego making a speech. Tell us what you want us to be and how we are to get there and how you still believe in that evolving American Dream. We do also. We also believe in the American Dream. Inspire us. We long to be led by men and women of vision. When you inspire us, when you show us respect, we will give you the same respect.

Peace, Rev. Bob Tussing