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May 22, 2009



It’s matter of shifting gears. I imagine it is the same for you.

I am talking about shifting into “summer” mode, which is especially difficult when I feel like I never quite shifted into “spring” mode. But, all the endings and new beginnings help with the transition and in the past two weeks I note what has been wrapped up and wonder about what is to begin.

Here is what has ended:

  • Confirmation.   I wrote about it last week. Now it is complete (and by the way, for those who skipped Confirmation Sunday for fear of a marathon-worship with the Confirming of 11 young people…and doubted my prediction of “under 90 minutes,” I have one Bible passage for you…Matthew 14:31b)
  • The Last Lecture. This book and its video and our discussions, all delighted me. Thanks to Lisa for leadership on this. I was surprised where the conversation went each week and it indicated the hunger that people have for conversation and reflection on their lives. By the way…If YOU were to give a last lecture; what three main points would you focus on???
  • The Capital Campaign. Indeed, there will be ongoing work on this for the next three years. But basically, we have concluded about two years worth of planning and doing, on this successful campaign to increase our church’s ministries.
  • The last of our Feb-May monthly new members sessions.
  • Oh, and a daughter’s wedding a month ago.



All of that is well and good. I need a sense of “accomplishing” things over a set period of time so that I can mark my days and measure my progress before I move on again.

So I have “accomplished” things.

But now it is almost summer. I find myself on the cusp of a different schedule, warm summer days and some vacation time, which is so needed. I want it to slow down. I want the days to move at a slower pace. I want the cool winds and the cools waters to refresh my days, my thoughts, my soul. When I find those moments I will be able to carry on with the needed enthusiasm and joy that is so necessary for me the rest of the year.

Yes, I know I will find those days; those moments too. The pace of work at church is different in the summer, not slower but different. I will be enjoying some meals in your homes (sans onions). I have a stack of books for refreshment of the brain and some theological readings for refreshment of the soul. And I have my sandals. They are put on this Sunday and it signals to me that summer has arrived. And that is good for my sole.

Peace, Rev. Bob Tussing