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Weekly e-Gram for members and friends of Dublin Community Church

July 24, 2009


Rev. Tussing is enjoying his final week of vacation at the lake. My youngest son is off at church camp. A good friend has just returned from a cruise. Another friend is getting ready to depart on an international adventure. Summer seems to be filled with vacationing and coming and going and "getting away from it all." But what happens when it's back to "business as usual?" How do we incorporate that feeling of "renewal" into our daily lives?

Back in April, several women from DCC went on a women's retreat together. The "theme" was "sacred pauses" and we all agreed that we NEED those pauses in our lives on a regular basis. We need moments of rest and relaxation and connecting with God every day - not just once a year on vacation or on retreat. But how do we DO that?

I feel strongly that each of us needs to somehow find what works for us, individually. What works for me, may not work for you. I know people who find relaxation in gardening - others enjoy golfing - and others love jazz music. None of those things, however, would do it for ME.

I recently had a birthday, and my family gave me a really wonderful gift. It is an "anti-gravity" lounge chair. If you have never sat in one, they are awesome! It is your basic chaise lawn chair, but it is constructed in a way that defies gravity. You can lean way back in it - and it feels like you would topple over backwards - but it is constructed in a way that makes it pretty much impossible to tip over. It is exceptionally comfortable and what I have found is that, sitting out on the deck in that chair, even for a few minutes in the evening.and leaning back.and looking at the stars.gives me that moment of rest and renewal and reconnection. It allows me to have a "sacred pause" in my day.

For me, even the NAME of the chair seems symbolic - "anti-gravity." Gravity is the thing that keeps us grounded, but it can also represent those things in life that weigh us down. To be able to sit for a few moments in a chair that defies gravity is like a momentary release from those things in life that weigh heavy on us. Who knew that something as simple as a lawn chair could offer that?!

So, do me a favor. Give yourself permission to take those sacred pauses every day. And if you want, go ahead and defy gravity! It is worth it. :)

Shalom, Pastor Lisa Bowersock

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