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August 7, 2009

So Much Good from So Much Junk

Every two or three years my mom holds a huge garage sale. Although its importance pales in comparison to the Bratwurst Festival, her yard sales are one of the bigger events in Bucyrus. People wait in line for the driveway to open. A few years ago the local newspaper wrote an article about it and ran a few pictures. We use clothing fixtures, merchandising, and ring everyone out with a working cash register.

For the past few years, we've had a lot of kids' items to sell, whatever clothes didn't get spit up on too many times or worn out in the knees or seat. Each time the garage sale comes around, I'm amazed at how much we've accumulated and used up. I'm equally amazed at the people who literally line up to buy the things we don't really want anymore.

The best thing about the garage sale is the time spent together, working toward the common goal of producing this overly-done event. We merchandise and refold with as much gusto as the teens working at American Eagle, only it's done firmly tongue-in-cheek at the garage sale. It's difficult to find the words to explain how spending hours in a driveway selling your things brings so much joy to us-it just does. I recently joked with my mom that she needs to begin Tweeting about upcoming garage sales, and charging admission of a non-perishable item for donation to the local food bank. The possibilities are endless.

Over the past few years, I've become aware of changes in my beliefs and in my faith. A few years of seminary will do that to you, I suppose. I wonder if our beliefs are like those things that come and go at garage sales like my mom's or the church rummage sale. Like items we purchase, new developments in our belief systems are greeted with joy. Sometimes, though, the new beliefs don't "stick" and they wind up in a spiritual clearance rack. Like selling cherished baby clothes, we might feel a bit whimsical at letting old beliefs fall by the wayside. However, in doing so, we create room in the closet for things that might bring new light to our faith.

Peace, Scott Schieber

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