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Weekly e-Gram for members and friends of Dublin Community Church

September 13, 2009

…Here is the Steeple

We had an interesting situation last year with some of our Stewardship mailings.

We had a nice theme. We had special Stewardship Envelopes with matching Stewardship Letterhead and matching Stewardship Pledge Cards. They were well done and looked great. But there was one problem for some folks. At quick glance, they didn’t look like something that came from Dublin Community Church.

Yes, we had the Dublin Community Church name and return address in the upper left hand corner. But the picture on the envelope caused some to think this was just another solicitation from another well-meaning charity.

Into the pile on the desk of your homes went a lot of the envelopes. When the Stewardship Committee made some end-of-the-campaign-calls to our faithful, many realized that the envelope on the bottom of their desk pile was indeed from their own Dublin Community Church.

It was then we realized that in the midst of an all-too-busy world, we at Dublin Community Church had but one moment to capture our members’ attention via the U.S. mail. So I suggested that we put my photo on the envelope to capture our members’ attention. The Stewardship Committee politely suggested that “maybe that was not the type of attention they were looking for.”

OK, so maybe I was out when it came to being the face of the 2010 Stewardship Campaign. Then we realized that the Gladden Chapel Steeple is THE most recognized structure within Dublin Community Church…maybe within the whole of Dublin.

So, that is it. Look for the envelope with the Gladden Chapel Church Steeple around September 16-19 in your mailbox. It contains your Stewardship Letter and Pledge Card and a stamped return envelope.

That’s it. I have little more to say in this e-gram. My words cannot “sell” you on the 2010 Stewardship Campaign nearly as well as a couple visits to us on Sunday Morning.

Come and witness our new Sunday School Express, which begins September 13. It is a wonderful experience for our children. Come and see the new members and the large number of weekly visitors. Come and experience the Fellowship Time after worship. Come for the Picnic this week. Did you catch the report of our Capital Campaign and the fruit it has born? Are you aware that we are able to increase the hours of Pastor Lisa? If it’s Bible Study…take your pick from six opportunities weekly. Or join the Men’s Retreat in October at Pilgrim Hills.

And yes, at the center of it all is worship each Sunday at 10am. The choirs, the bells, the prayers, sacraments and the preaching.

To experience Dublin Community Church is to be committed to its continued Spirit and Growth. That is done by careful and thoughtful Stewardship for 2010. The Stewardship Envelope with the Steeple will be in your mailbox next week. Make sure your pledge/commitment is in ours the following week.

Don’t even think about putting that envelope in the pile on your desk. If you do, we may actually have to resort to putting my photo on the envelope to capture your attention next year.

Peace, Rev. Bob Tussing

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