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Weekly e-Gram for members and friends of Dublin Community Church

October 16, 2009


I hadn’t seen him in about 40 years. We used to run around together in Jr. High, but by Senior High we were in different circles and then we graduated and I never saw him again…until a few years ago. The strange thing was that he looked just like he did in high school. Sure, he had aged a bit but it was so clearly Alex, that when I hollered to him (we were in Columbus) it never occurred to me that it was NOT my high school friend, Alex. And it was.

Granted, I had to identify myself. (Yes, unlike Alex, I looked different. On my part, long brown hair had turned to shorter, totally gray hair; indeed, very distinguished and all, but still very gray). When Alex gave me a second look, he smiled and we shook hands. I asked him what he was up to. He told me about his marriage, kids, career, and where he lived. Then, seeming to exhaust 40 years worth of absence we parted ways. It was good to see him. Later it occurred to me that he never asked any more about my wife standing next to me, whom I introduced, naturally. He never asked if I had kids, a job or what I was doing in the Short North of Columbus on a spring weekend. I never got to tell my story.

Recently I was in a deli in Dublin and a young woman came up to me and asked if I was Mr. Tussing. She looked familiar and then identified herself as a school friend of our daughter. I had not seen this person in 8-10 years and naturally asked about her life. She told me where she lived, studied, family matters and more. Then she was off. And it occurred to me that she never asked why I was sitting in a Dublin deli at 1 pm on a Sunday. She knew I was formerly a minister in Lancaster, but she never asked how or why would I get to Dublin at 1 pm on a Sunday. She never asked and I assumed that she was probably not interested. I think I’m right too. But once again, I never got to tell my story.

For all of you reading this, I can hear you thinking, “OMG, next time we see Bob, we’d better ask him for his entire life story or he’ll be miffed.” Well, maybe, but that is not the point. The point is that people want to tell where they are from and where they are going. I certainly enjoy hearing the details of peoples’ lives: the future and the past.

These things converge for me as a minister, especially this time of year. We have new church programming for the next 10 months and we are in the midst of financial planning for the 2010 calendar year with our Stewardship Drive. And yet the end of 2009 is close and it prompts me to wonder where we have been. Tell me where you are from and where you have been and it will help me to understand where you are going. And if I understand where you are going, I just might take the journey with you.

Peace, Rev. Bob Tussing

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