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Weekly e-Gram for members and friends of Dublin Community Church

October 23, 2009


My agenda was pretty slim. All I was looking for was a good meal and the opportunity to sit with you. And, thanks to you, that was accomplished.

I am talking about the dinners where I have brazenly invited myself to your homes. I have called them my “No Onions Please” dinners because raw onions are the only restriction. Cooked onions fine. Cooked onions in the pasta sauce. Fine. Raw onions in the potato salad, no.

We were talking in Church Council the other night. (Actually, I was talking.) I was saying what a short attention span our youth must have because when they “text” someone or use “twitter” they connect in short phrases or just a word or two. Those of us over the age of 20 are involved in more activities as adults than our parent would ever have dreamed of being involved in. If we have kids, our lives are an endless stream of driving here and there.

Or as B.B. King said, “Life is pretty fast. I’m pretty fast myself.”

It was with all of this in mind that I decided to see if folks would invite me over for a meal and conversation. I’ve done this for the past two summers and I’ll warn you that I am going to do so again next summer.

And what have I found? I have discovered that though life is pretty fast, there is still a longing for a few slower moments in the day. I have discovered that if one schedules it, we can indeed fit a sit-down meal at our home into the day.

I’ve had meals on the grill and meals that had ingredients from people’s gardens. One person gave me the keys to the ATV and let me ride in the pasture behind their house. I tried to get the keys from another persons Corvette and ride around in it, but he wasn’t about to let me do that. I have sat at the table with you and your kids and on back patios for drinks and appetizers and at picnic tables. Sometimes two families host me.

The food has been excellent and the conversation heartfelt. Occasionally we talk “shop” but mostly it is about family, the Reds, Ohio State, vacation and often it concerns a family’s long or brief history with Dublin Community Church.

I have no agenda other than a good meal and the opportunity to sit with you. And along the way we find that life does not always have to be so fast. (Unless I get a ride in that ‘Vette.)

Peace, Rev. Bob Tussing

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