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Weekly e-Gram for members and friends of Dublin Community Church

November 6, 2009


Like all institutions…Dublin Community Church is and should be in constant “Feng Sui” mode. That is…we are constantly being overwhelmed with “stuff” and constantly trying to manage it.

Case in point: our historical records. Our photos. Our financial records. The good news is that financial papers are kept safe and stored and shredded when it is appropriate. We also keep photos and histories of the church. It’s just that the photo and historical items build and build and we find ourselves with a lot of sorting.

Recently a few of our “historians” began combing through our “stuff” and like any photos-drawer in a home, we find all sorts of interesting things. The photos are a “snapshot” of the day-to-day life of Dublin Community Church (pun intended).

For years I have been encouraging new parents to name their male children, “Robert.” I think it’s a good strong name; the kid can go by “Bob,” “Bobby,” “Rob,” “Robby,” or if you want an international flair to it…”Roberto” which is what my Grampa called me and my brother still does (homage to the great 1960’s Pittsburgh Pirate, Roberto Clemente). By the way, in my younger days, I was a fair baseball player, but I gave up a million dollar career to serve the Lord.) My point…nobody names their boys “Robert” anymore. But the dominant name of many men in the old church photos is “Robert.” (It was a golden era.)

There are photos of men and women surrounding basket after basket of fresh vegetables and grocery items. Standing beside them is Rev. Tsuneo Miyashiro! Was this Thanksgiving? And were the baskets for giving? The photos are labeled: “Food Baskets” Duh. Did our members harvest all the food? Are there secret vegetable gardens sequestered behind the cul-de-sac homes of Dubliners, Powellites and Hilliardiers?

Lots of photos of men & women in 1980’s fashions and that is reason enough to be glad that time marches on. Only the 60’s had worse fashions…coupled with guys having long hair. Though the 80’s had the guy’s mullet…and that is now over and that proves there is a God. (The Dicso-70’s were rather distressing also.)

Photos of Confirmands, one of whom I officiated at her wedding. A postcard from Macedonia to the church…and of course it is from Bill and Laura Barndt as they worked with some hospital to improve its computers and dialysis machines. They were dining with the local Mayor at the Hotel Drim near the Adriatic Sea. Very nice. I suppose our church assisted in some way. Photos and slides of ministers and church members shoveling dirt for a new addition.

A man planting flowers behind the building before the most recent addition. Two women sitting on the tables in the Kennedy Rooms. I don’t recognize the women but I do recognize the tables (very strange). A photo of a Vietnamese family, I know, because I recognize Vietnamese names on the photo but not the people. The gentleman is a medical doctor. Why were they here? I am not certain. But they were here at one time.

Our church historians are cataloguing as much as possible for the future. I have to smile at the wide range of activities of just a few of the photos from the past. The stories they tell. The stories we will have to tell those in 2035 when they see our old photos. I am already photoshopping everything with me in it.

Peace, Rev. Bob Tussing

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