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Weekly e-Gram for members and friends of Dublin Community Church

December 4, 2009


One of the over-riding themes of my life has been “The Journey is the Goal.”   I was reminded of that recently when I watched the video of our Work Trip journey to South Dakota last summer.

The Rosebud Indian Reservation is two very long days drive from Dublin, Ohio. Granted, it was made much easier by the use of a luxury bus with driver. All I had to do was get on the bus, throw my book bag and computer and iPod onto the seat next to me and head down the highway.

And so we did. Everyone in their seats, with extra room for those who wished to nap. About 5 hours into the trip someone decided to try the video monitors. They put in a video/movie and everyone had access to the TV’s, which were placed every third row of seats. The movie got about 30 minutes along but the sound was fuzzy and no one could fix it. So we decided that we would not be watching movies all along the trip from Ohio to South Dakota.

There is a God.

What it forced us to do was…interact with one another. We did put some music on the sound system (a separate system from the video sound system) and everyone got to let others listen to their favorite songs. I was tempted to put Sinatra or Steely Dan on the speakers from my iPod collection, but I figured it was best not to antagonize a bus full of teenagers so early in the week.

But the most pleasant occurrence was that the guys who played guitar came to the front of the bus and strummed us all across the Indiana and Illinois borders for the first afternoon. I was reminded of all this by hearing the guys' band in church last week. They played a Grateful Dead song called “Ripple.” Recalling my college days in the 60’s I think I can guess the inspiration for the title, but what was so great was that the guys in the church service (the same ones who were on the bus for the work trip) were very good and that Jerry Garcia song worked surprisingly well in a church service! Who knew?!

It’s simple things like that which make work trips and worship services such a pleasant surprise. It is more about how we handle the journey than whether we reach an actual goal that matters so much.

But, knowing the band members, Andy, Conner, Casey, Conner, and Sam, I am surprised and perhaps grateful, that they did not offer up another Jerry Garcia song titled “A Touch of Grey.”

“Oh well, a touch of grey,
Kinda suits you anyway.”

I realize that many of you are thinking “A touch of grey??” Indeed, it suits me, but then so does their music.

Peace, Rev. Bob Tussing

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