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Weekly e-Gram for members and friends of Dublin Community Church

January 29, 2010


What happened last Sunday was the complete opposite of what is supposed to be happening today.

Last Sunday, “low tech” triumphed if for a few hours over “high tech.” But then, true to form, youth usurped age when it came to the final curtain.

When it comes to anything high tech, with the exception of highly trained computer professionals of any age, youth seem to excel. I have a theory about that and it’s based on the fact that for most of us over 40, when it came to anything electronic, there used to be only one way to turn on the thing or reset it or turn it off. We had to follow a set pattern of steps to operate the gadgets.

Not so with computers. There is any number of ways to start, stop, re-boot, re-set, re-program or re-calibrate the things. Computers, iPods, video games, and cell phones. Kids are used to pushing buttons and operating these computer games. They are in their own virtual world of games and music.

So, this is all great but what is more surprising is that Dublin Community Church instituted an entire afternoon of fun and fellowship using

  • Big Wooden Rectangles with a hole in the middle
  • 5 inch square cloth bags filled with Corn (and lots of corn dust!)
  • A large board for writing with Magic Markers
  • LOTS of Chili

It was the Second Annual Corn Hole Tournament & Chili Cook Off. I doubt we are the first church to have done such a thing and frankly I hope the idea spreads. But what amazed me was that we kept so many adults and youths enthralled for the afternoon.  This was low tech all the way.

The winners? All of us.

We got to sample any one or two or three bowls of chili for the Chili Cook-Off. We voted (using a pencil and paper) and Ann Bennett earned the distinction of Chili-Queen for 2010.

We played a double-elimination Corn Hole Tourney with brackets and everything. Tim Haynes devised the brackets without the use of a computer! (I think). And in the end; youth was served. Second place was the team of Bennett Sell (middle school) & Bryce Rizzo (High School) and winners were Brian Redensheck (late 20’s) & Jaret Bowzer (late 20’s). (To me, those look like youths also.)

Three hours. A hundred people. And not an electronic gadget in sight.

(Save for the crock pots of chili.)

Peace, Rev. Bob Tussing

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