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Weekly e-Gram for members and friends of Dublin Community Church

February 26, 2010


It no longer surprises me that the members of Dublin Community Church pay attention to details, especially anything written.

I have been amused that I have had a numerous comments about our unofficial slogan which is printed on the bottom of our bulletin…

“This is a good place to be”

It is a modest little slogan and one that came about rather innocently (which I will explain in a moment) but I will admit that it might not express the grandeur which many churches incorporate in their letterheads and sign boards…like

“Where Jesus is King and all are exalted!”

Take note, I am making fun of we mortals who feel a need for “copywriting” about our Lord. I am not making fun of our Lord. He made headlines without an “advance man”…still does.

So, if you come and worship in our church some Sunday morning, you will be handed a bulletin which has our name, date, some appropriate scriptural passage, the names of the church leaders and at the bottom, without much fanfare is …

“This is a good place to be”

Those who have commented on it to me, sort of smile as if to say, “well, of course…being in a nice church on a Sunday morning IS a good place to be, but that’s a given. Why make a slogan out of it?”

They may have a point. It’s rather like going to Cincinnati’s Baseball Great American Ballpark and seeing on the bottom of program…

“We play baseball”

Or reading the Inflight magazine of the airplane and on the cover at the bottom it says…

“We fly in the sky”

Or looking at a brochure for a lawn tractor and at the bottom it says…

“Our tractor will cut grass”

I’ve considered slogans for Dublin Community Church with more “punch” like…

“Join us for an hour…it’ll feel like an hour and a half”


“We’re close enough to Starbucks for carry out”

But our little slogan came about rather simply. In my first year here, I was delighted to be among you. It seemed like we did not know each other well enough for me to say, “I really love this place” but it felt natural to express how happy I was to be in Dublin. Without thinking, but with feeling I found myself saying “This is a good place to be.”

I had a number of folks smile and say that they found themselves saying the same thing to themselves and others said it in worship. “This is a good place to be” became our inside joke…we felt good about being together. It became our mantra. Mantras are simple but sincere in their scope. We told others that this is a good place and we believed it because it’s true. This IS a good place to be. When it is said, we all kind of nod knowingly and we like our gentle little joke.

Mary Lynn liked it too and put it on the cover because it was kind of cute, not dynamic, not scintillating but modest and to the point and expressed the way we felt about being followers of Christ and friends with one another. We had ourselves a slogan. Perhaps we will energize it someday. If things keep going smoothly around here we will get serious about this slogan-thing and upgrade it to…

This is a really good place to be.

Peace, Rev. Bob Tussing

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