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Weekly e-Gram for members and friends of Dublin Community Church

March 12, 2010


Recently in my E-Gram, I explored the whole notion of our unofficial church slogan…

This is a Good Place to Be

Nobody said much about it, which is fine with me. I don’t necessarily put these emails out there for discussion because they are stream-of-consciousness and I just feel like tossing out my thoughts not fostering email debates and blogs and the like.

But Brenda Rizzo offered an interesting comment or two when she stopped by the office. She was responding to me writing that some churches have these complex marquis slogans about the Creator and Christ. She didn’t really want to be a part of any church that worked so hard to have that on the signboard. She also asked, why can’t we just “be?” Why can’t this just let this “be” a good place to be?

She puts our slogan in a whole different light, rather than the slogan being my simple comment about how Dublin Community Church was a “good place to be” for me. I was saying that this church is a good place to live, work and practice ministry, a good place to “be,” as in a destination, an arrival. Brenda was asking a more existential question perhaps: This is a good place to “be.” To exist. To ponder life. To touch the Creator and experience the Holy Spirit. To “be” as, to be “in” the moment, present and acknowledging all that is around us and present to us.

This is a good place to “be”
(81 West Bridge Street, says Bob)

This is a good place to “be”
(In touch with the Spirit and within the presence of the Creator, says Brenda)

I saw a picture one time of a typical Sunday Morning Church and all the activities in which the church was engaged; preaching/worship, childcare, Youth programs, Sunday School, Bible Study and book discussions. We have the same, our rooms hold Bible Studies and children’s music and coffee hour and there is always something happening in the Food Pantry or with the Youth Groups.

But, Brenda (and I) are asking others…why not just “be” at Dublin Community Church and especially in worship? There needs to be no slogan that trumpets the success of our ministries or amplifies the grandeur of our Creator and Christ. Why not just come to worship…just “be.” We need not tire ourselves with striving for success or wonder about our God being higher, greater and more perfect than any other gods.

In other words…Worship is a non-competition, non-success-measuring zone. We are there to just “be.” Perhaps the Spirit will move us or perhaps our neighbor will pass the peace and decrease our isolation from another. We have no plan. No destination. Perhaps the Scriptures will touch our heart. Perhaps the view out the west window of the snow covered cemetery wall will allow us to drift away for an hour. Perhaps the music will transport us. Perhaps the sight of the stained glass “Christ in the Garden” will inspire or the shadows of the organ pipes will capture our imagination. That is an hour well spent; a journey with no set destination.

To “be.” That is the answer.

Peace, Rev. Bob Tussing

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