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Weekly e-Gram for members and friends of Dublin Community Church

May 14, 2010


I am a minister and so people give me old Bibles.  My family especially directs all old Bibles my way. I am glad to have them. They are history and at one time were in the hands of my relatives.

Most recently my Mom gave me two Bibles that were my father’s. How she kept them with her through countless moves over the past 30 years is beyond me, but I now possess the Bible given to him when he was confirmed April 9, 1933. (Coincidentally I just came across his confirmation picture the other day, which was taken the same day.)

The Bible is dedicated; “To Bobby, in remembrance of your Confirmation. From Aunt Lizzie McNamara

Dad’s name was Robert and of course he was “Bobby” as a kid. Aunt Lizzie lived in Ft. Wayne and I think was his father’s sister.

Aunt Lizzie; never met her.

Mom also gave me a small, black Gideon’s edition of the New Testament with Psalms.

Dad received this from his church minister on Feb 18, 1944. This time it was written to “Robert Gustav Tussing. From Rev. Paul Graeser.”

Rev. Paul Graeser; I think he baptized me years later.

The Bible was presented to Dad when he was called into the Navy in WWII. (Dad had physical problems and so never served in the Navy and subsequently worked in Defense industries during the war.)

Still, I have to wonder what Dad thought as he was called into service and then his church pastor gives him this token of remembrance when he was sent to Chicago for training. Today’s newspaper told of service men and women from Ohio heading off to Afghanistan and Iraq. I wonder what today’s servicemen and women think about what lies ahead. Little has changed I suppose.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to them, for they have much ahead of them and we honor their service just as Rev. Graeser gave his thoughts and prayers to my father back in 1944.

I can feel those prayers, for I am holding the very Bible that Dad received.

Someone marked Psalm 134.

Peace, Rev. Bob Tussing

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