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Weekly e-Gram for members and friends of Dublin Community Church

October 1, 2010


I was the student intern/minister at a church in the San Francisco Bay Area during one of my seminary years. It was a fine church with an excellent Senior Minister and Associate Minister. I was hired to work with the Jr. Sr. High Youth for the year and then lead a Work Trip the following summer to New Mexico.

But one evening I was working in the sanctuary with the Organist, the Director of Music and the Associate Minister on some music/youth project. When it was time for the Associate to leave she raced down the sanctuary aisle to the parking lot to her car to get into rush hour traffic. A bit later the Music Director also raced out of the sanctuary to her car to the freeway traffic jam. Finally the Organist had to leave and she too ran down the aisle to her car and plunged into rush hour (which is about any hour of the day on California freeways, even back then.)

We are busy. We are over-programmed.

Recently I was talking to several parents about the schedule for the Confirmation Classes. We meet every Monday at 7 and I am constantly amazed that parents actually get their kids here. Kids have sports and music and school plays and yet they come faithfully every Monday night. As I was speaking to the parents about the weekly schedule I had two mothers pull out their scheduling books from their purses and I heard them say things like… “OK, Susie has soccer from 5-6:30 and I can swing by track practice at school to pick up Cody and get him to Confirmation and then drop Susie off at yoga before returning to church.”

I know we ministers are always grousing about schools and sports and school-sports encroaching on Sunday mornings, but somehow we at Dublin Community Church get away with “encroaching” on a “secular” Monday night for Confirmation. I tip my hat to all our parents who believe this to be a valuable part of their child’s upbringing. I am well aware of the time and dedication this takes, and I thank you.

In the past week I have spoken with at least four friends, all of whom remarked that they are “exhausted” from the schedule which they and their families keep.

But no, I don’t have a magical solution. I would like to think that one hour a week in worship will help calm the mind and focus on the Source of Life, but I fear I may be wrong even there. We keep a pretty frantic schedule even on Sunday mornings. Maybe in the midst of our church’s youth programs and Women’s and Men’s Groups and Bible and book studies, maybe….we could schedule in a “Time for Having No Scheduled Activities.” Though I fear it could not be fit into our schedule, nor yours.

Peace, Rev. Bob Tussing

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