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Weekly e-Gram for members and friends of Dublin Community Church

October 29, 2010


I read in the Dispatch the other day that our city of Dublin has a new community band, or rather several community bands for adults. That’s good to see.

Cities have always touted their industry, schools and churches, but over the past decade I have begun to see cities brag about their Farmer’s Markets, Green Spaces and now Community Bands. It is all about the quality of living and music certainly ranks pretty high with me.

The article about the Community Band caused me to walk across my kitchen and look at an old photograph on the wall which I had framed about 20 years ago. The photo is from the late 1800’s and it shows the “Lima Merchants Band.”

I got the photo from Mom. One of the 27 musicians in that Band was her paternal grandfather, Samuel Faudree. I looked at the picture closely and tried to decide which was Great Grandfather, but I should really show it to Mom and have her decide. It’s one of either two men, who look enough alike to be brothers, but I know that Great Grandpa did not have any brothers in Lima, maybe no brothers at all. He left home (from somewhere) at age 16 and moved to Lima and never had contact with his family much after that.

My older brother played the clarinet and bass clarinet while in school, so did my younger sister. I took piano lessons. I didn’t enjoy the lessons, though I learned to read music (but not really how to play piano). Aunt Gladys, Mom’s Aunt, would always chime in with the thought that “Grandpa Faudree never took a musical lesson in his life….he just picked up the horn and played!”

I know she was trying to inspire us, but when you are 10 and taking a piano lesson and would rather play baseball and then having worked for HOURS on the song “Reddy Rooster” and it still had NO recognizable tune…and then you hear: “Grandpa Faudree never took a lesson in his LIFE!”

Thank you Aunt Gladys. That was inspiration I could have done without.

Musical prodigy-ness never struck me, nor older brother Keith nor younger sister Anita. I went on to fame and non-fortune as a key singer in the Lima Senior High Concert Choir in the first tenor section and I hope I made Great Grandpa and Aunt Gladys proud. (By the way, Aunt Gladys was not even related to Great Grandpa…she came from Mom’s mother’s side of the family…Great Grandpa was from Mom’s father’s side. Nevertheless, Aunt Gladys had an opinion on everything, which included inspiring clueless nephews concerning their musical heritage or lack thereof.)

But, for years, I marveled that Samuel Faudree was doubtless a musical genius! He may have been too, but all I can document with certainty is that he stands there in an 1890’s photo in the midst of 26 other musicians in the “Lima Merchants Band” and I’m not even genius enough to know which one is Great Grandpa.

Peace, Rev. Bob Tussing

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