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Weekly e-Gram for members and friends of Dublin Community Church

November 26, 2010


Recently a college student whom I know was checking out Facebook and discovered something about a relative... before his immediate family could even tell him.

Immediate information. Thirty-five years ago when I lived in Zambia, if I wrote a letter back to Ohio, it took two weeks to get here. Then my family would reply and it took another two weeks. Four weeks turn-around time!

On Sunday morning I got an email from longtime friend Dave who is retired in Bangkok, Thailand. He wrote about some old soul-singing group of the 1960’s. I responded with a favorite song and group of mine. I told him to find the soul singer and look up a YouTube link and let me know. Anyway, this was at 8:15 on Sunday morning. I was in Ohio. Dave was in Bangkok. I gave him the assignment via email and walked into the church parlor to pick up a book and returned to my desk and in that short time, Dave had received the email. Looked up Major Lance (the soul singer), and sent a YouTube link.

It took about 3 minutes. Ohio to Bangkok.

Don’t even need a family, all I need is a computer and all my “virtual” friends are right here.


So with Thanksgiving here I, of course, wax nostalgic to what it was like “when I was a kid.” Back then we had an “actual” family and “actual” situations. We would go to Grandma and Grandpa’s for Thanksgiving Dinner (and it was over the river but not quite through the woods.) But you know what? We didn’t really do anything spectacular. We ate, we talked, we watched football games, one time my older brother fell face-first into the mashed potato bowl... (a wonderful story for another time). And after one long Thanksgiving day, Grandpa and I walked across the road and along the river on a gray November day.

His uncle owned the land when he was a kid and he would walk all along the river near the plowed fields. One time, as a kid, he found a flint Indian arrowhead and somehow it found its way to me when I was a boy.

That’s it, just a simple memory of Thanksgiving and walking with Grandpa along the Ottawa River. I love the new “virtual-technology” with which I can connect with distant friends instantaneously but I cherish the “actual-memories” which hold me for a lifetime.

Or as Major Lance would say, “Automatically you’re on your way.”

Peace, Rev. Bob Tussing

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