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Weekly e-Gram for members and friends of Dublin Community Church

December 24, 2010


So…on this past Sunday we held the Children’s Christmas Program at the church. It was a packed house and there was great anticipation.

Neither the program nor the children disappointed. It was a fine morning service.

For years I have notice that church sanctuaries fill up from the back to the front. I suppose if you want to get specific, they actually fill from the mid-back to the front. The front is always empty (every church I have ever served has been this way) and the back pews tend to fill with latecomers, though every church has its regular back-pew worshippers.

As far as I’m concerned, wherever one sits in the sanctuary is fine with me. I don’t really focus constantly on people in the front pews (I would refer to this as “flying under the radar.”) I tend to look at the congregation from a couple pews back and then all the way to the back. (it’s also quite interesting what you notice about people when they are seated  in the pews, but I won’t give away any trade secrets.) And, I’ll be honest, were I a worshipper, I wouldn’t sit in the front pew. I like the mid-mid-back pews on the side aisles. You can analyze that all you want, but I like to experience the entire sanctuary in front of me.

But on Sunday, we had the Children’s Christmas Program. People arrived early and put their coats and hats on the front-center pews to reserve them. A friend pointed out something to me, he said, “Most Sundays, the church fills from the back to the front but when the Children’s Program comes…the sanctuary fills from the front to the back.”

He was right too. Seats were saved. The front pews filled quickly. Anticipation mounted as the Holy Family arrived, shepherds and angels and the heavenly star and cattle filed down the aisles and onto the stage risers. Flash camera’s and video cameras were at the ready. It was fine.

Ministers always preach about how the birth of Jesus turned the world upside down and changed everything. Such an occurrence is never more evident than in the way the sanctuary fills…from the front pews to the back pews on Children’s Christmas Program Sunday.

Only THE Child and our children could make us do THAT.

Peace, Rev. Bob Tussing

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