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Weekly e-Gram for members and friends of Dublin Community Church

August 12, 2011


Stained glass windows in churches.

That is the topic for the day.

My home church had them and I marveled at the stories they told. I was also well aware of the weight of that art glass and how it made the windows sag so that the lead in them needed re-worked. Dad was a trustee for the church and so was in on the cost and difficulty of keeping them looking good.

Knowing that…I was all the more impressed with the complexity and beauty of the stained glass in some of the European cathedrals, which I visited in the spring. Many cathedrals were known far and wide for their stained glass art windows. In fact, it was the main drawing card for many of the cathedrals. (“St. Whatever….famous for its twelve stained glass windows!!!” No mention of its ministries.)

But, I’ll admit, that I went to certain cathedrals for their windows…or cloisters…or famous bones of a long-since dead saint. I suppose there is no harm in admiring and bragging about one’s cathedral windows.

On the other hand, there is Dublin Community Church. No stained glass windows along the walls, which look out over the parking lot on the east or the cemetery on the west. I rather like it though. I like that we can see out and others can see in. I like the sun streaming in on the worshippers on the east side in the morning and on the worshippers on the west side in the late afternoon.

Recently we held Vacation Bible School every evening for a week. We’d wrap up each night around 8pm. On the final night we had an ice cream social. Everyone hung around and socialized for a bit and then it was done. People cleaned up and scattered. I was the last one in the building, and so my final check was in the sanctuary.

I walked into the sanctuary and saw that the sun was setting in the west, across the cemetery. But I noticed that there was a red beam shining on the communion table, which seemed odd. I walked down the aisle and stood in from of the table. Looking to the west, I could see the flame-red sun setting between some tombstones next door.  It was shining in through our non-stained glass-clear windows creating a natural color red hue to the sanctuary.

Sometimes you don’t need stained glass for full effect.

Peace, Rev. Bob Tussing

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