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Weekly e-Gram for members and friends of Dublin Community Church

August 19, 2011


I sat at the picnic table, eating breakfast and reading; paying a bit of attention to the fisherman out front or the kayakers who were plying the lake (and I hasten to add that they were doing so four hours later than I already done….).

I heard the familiar sound of a small paddleboat and the water slapping up into its blades and propelling the craft forward. I looked up and saw a kid, slowly, methodically paddling (it has a sort of bicycle chain/paddle wheel thing which propels this small pontoon aluminum craft.)

The kid was probably 11 and I glanced up and noticed him and he noticed me and we nodded and he continued on along the shore of the bay.  And that was it.

My only thought was… “He gets it.”

He “gets” that this lake time and quiet morning are for doing nothing other than exploring the inlets of the bay.  There is really nothing of great consequence to discover. You might see a fish or turtle or loon. This is no “National Geographic” moment. (Nor Lowell Thomas Moment…for all you oldsters) Too many cottages, boats, and docks to make any meaningful discoveries for the biology books.

The kid kept on paddling around the bay. No other friends. No cell phone in his hand. I’m not one to knock all this technology (after all, I am currently sitting at the picnic table with a computer and Wi-Fi that extends to the shoreline), it has its place and moments and I don’t really want to return to 1962 when I was 11.

But, it’s great to see that the lure of the lakeshore for kids in the summer is as intense now as in decades past. After a few minutes I glanced up and saw him slowly disappear around the point of the bay.

That could have been me, 50 years ago, and perhaps it was.

He took his time. He “gets” it.

Peace, Rev. Bob Tussing

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