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Weekly e-Gram for members and friends of Dublin Community Church

October 21, 2011


I’ve got a couple pictures on my wall here at the house. They show ancestors posing for the camera.

One is a great great (great?) uncle who served in the Spanish American War. I have no idea if he charged up San Juan Hill with Roosevelt or maybe he sat at a desk in Washington Courthouse, Ohio and ordered supplies. No matter, some one hundred years later, all I know of this man is that he was in the war, his name was Dillon Faudree and in the picture he was leaning against a cannon; leading one to believe he saw action.

Another is a picture of an uncle (great? great?) of my wife. I know little of him either, but the photo shows him in a blacksmith shop forging some steel and looking like he should be on the cover of some coffee table book about hand laborers. It is a great photo, and for all I know, he may have sold insurance in Delphos, Ohio but rolled up his sleeves for this heroic photo of “The American Workingman.”

One of my favorite wedding stories is that I officiated at a wedding…and the father of the groom was a veteran of the Boer War. Why is that so interesting? First you have to know just what the Boer War was about. Next, you have to know where it took place. Then, you must understand when it took place. (You can Google all that.)

Finally you have to “do the math” and figure out how a gentleman of that era could have a son who would be of marrying age when I was officiating weddings.

All in all, I can hold a dinner party spellbound for about 8 minutes explaining all the details in my inimitable fashion. Ministers have tons of boring wedding stories. (Emphasis on “tons” and “boring”) but this is not one of them.

It’s a work-a-day world out there but old photos and stories of ancestors and acquaintances that go back into the history books elevate our day and our lives. They remind us that we came from hard-working, war-fighting, everyday people. This is not necessarily an endorsement of our roots, but an acknowledgement.

I am considering all this as we welcome Mike Clum this Sunday after church for an Antiques Road Show. Mike is an old friend and is a successful antiques appraiser and auctioneer. He’ll be looking at our antiques, spinning stories and helping us raise money for “Deep Griha/Lighthouse,” the mission in Pune, India.

I imagine Mike knows a thing or two about the Boer War and he might even be intrigued that I officiated at a Boer War Veteran’s son’s wedding.

Peace, Rev. Bob Tussing

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