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Weekly e-Gram for members and friends of Dublin Community Church

December 2, 2011


At church we have the large Christmas tree and we have the kids’ Chrismons on it. The problem has been that because of the size of the tree and that we must place it to the side of the sanctuary… the children’s Chrismons get lost in the vastness of the tree and sanctuary.

A couple years ago, we got all the Chrismons on the large tree but no one ever “re-adjusted” them and we had a band of Chrismons around the base of the tree (about the height that most children would place the Chrismons on that tree.

Recently, someone looked at it in a new way and the problem was solved. Decorate the large tree in lights and Silver and Red. Set up a smaller tree behind the lectern to hold the Chrismons.

It’s so simple. Why didn’t we think of that before?

I received a catalog in the mail recently for Holiday gift shopping. It is luggage and backpacks and school backpacks. Pages and pages of backpacks.

When I was in school, I would carry home two and three books a night for homework. I walked a mile each way (no, it was not uphill both ways… my hometown is flat, though I was often bare-foot). My favorite days were gym days because I had an excuse to carry the books in a bag. A friend who was a Boy Scout would use his scout pack to carry books. That seemed like the strangest thing… carrying a backpack to school with books.

Turns out the Scout was way ahead of his time. Today school backpacks are a Multi-million dollar industry rivaling General Motors. Back then, no one ever put two and two together to see how logical it was to use a backpack for school books (except for some far-sighted Scouts).

Same thing for the large Christmas tree in the sanctuary and the children’s Chrismons; great ideas that needed fresh eyes to solve the problem.

It also allows us to get lots of sparkles on the floor over near the choir. They have been feeling left out.

Peace, Rev. Bob Tussing

***p.s. The term “Chrismons” is short for Christ+Mon-ograms. According to the internet, a woman in Ascension Lutheran Church in Danville, Virginia came up with the notion for decorating their tree back in the 1957.

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