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Weekly e-Gram for members and friends of Dublin Community Church

December 9, 2011


It seemed like a simple task. Get Christmas tree lights and put them on the tree.

We had a lot of lights from last year’s Christmas. They worked fine 11 months ago. We placed them carefully in storage and by last week they were all dead. Strands of Christmas tree lights have the shelf-life of French fries.

We had the tree positioned in the corner and I had to buy the lights. I checked at one big home improvement store for lights. They just laughed. Buying Christmas tree lights in mid December is as easy as locating Bermuda shorts. There are none. “The season is over,” I was told. “We sold out in November and we won’t get another shipment this year.”

I went to a competitor and found very, very few of the lights I wanted, but I found them. The salesman said that next year (or the next) they are going to convert all the Christmas tree lights to LED lights. I asked who he meant by “they.” He said, “The manufacturers in China.”

I am fascinated by this whole “global market” thing. We can toss around phrases like “the world is getting smaller,” and “global integration.” But it really is true. I continue to be baffled as to why we allow our Presidential candidates to expound so little on international affairs, but I’ll leave that thought for another day. The increasing interdependence of nations and industries and individuals is rarely thought about…until…one needs Christmas lights and discovers that the factories in China have already moved on to the next seasonal needs.

In church and in life, I worship a Middle Eastern man and observe the secular season by adopting a European tradition decorated by lights made in China. (Which I picked up by driving my “Japanese” car made in Alabama.)

Peace, Rev. Bob Tussing

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