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Weekly e-Gram for members and friends of Dublin Community Church

January 6, 2012


I mentioned these people the other day when our Committees met. Let’s call them the “bravest worshippers in Dublin.”

And I defy you to say that YOU would be braver.

On Christmas morning we held worship. It was Sunday morning. On Christmas Eve we had held three worship services and over 700 attended. But Christmas fell on Sunday and it just felt right to meet and worship again. If you felt a need to “have your ticket punched” for Holiday Worship…I think you did the right thing by attending one of the Christmas Eve services and not attending Christmas Morning. Worship attendance is not a competition. Jesus does not keep tally, neither do I. And now that I think of it, we didn’t even ask you to sign in on the attendance pads in the pews because we worshipped in the Gladden Sanctuary. All the attendance pads are in the main sanctuary. Guilt free non-attendance since no records were kept!

Which begs the question…why on earth should you feel guilty about not attending worship? Anyway…we worshipped on Christmas morning, it was Sunday morning. No records we kept (although I will admit that I have a steel-trap memory, so don’t try to hint that you were there when you weren’t. Sorry, that’s guilt… anyway…).

But, what about this “Bravest Couple in Dublin?”

About 9:50 A.M. I was looking out my window at the parking lot and a couple in a car pulled up to the door where our usher was ushering. The woman put down the window and asked, “Are you holding worship today?”

“Yes, we are”, replied our usher. “10 AM in the Gladden Chapel. Come in and join us.”

They parked. They came to the chapel. They worshipped. They greeted me warmly when the service was over.

That is it. They asked and worshipped and left.

I’d be willing to bet that they checked out our website prior to coming. But that takes a lot of nerve, to just drive down the street, drive up and ask and worship. God only knows what kind of crazy-worshipping-type of congregation they might have gotten themselves into the midst of when joining us.

Will we see them again? I don’t know… rather doubt it; it’s not up to me though. But I like knowing that something in their lives was incomplete on a Christmas morning that could only be completed by being with others who were singing the Christmas Carols and reading about shepherds keeping watch over their flocks by night.

They were very brave indeed to risk that hour with us.

Peace, Rev. Bob Tussing

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