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Weekly e-Gram for members and friends of Dublin Community Church

February 24, 2012


I was sitting at the Fat Tuesday / Shrove Tuesday Pancake Dinner the other night, and I remarked that on Wednesday we would observe Ash Wednesday. That sounded fine to my friend but he asked why we were using ashes since he did not recall in his earlier years observing a service with ashes, even though he grew up in an active Protestant Church.

I said that I did not recall one from youth in my church either.  “What has changed, so that we are going back to the imposition of ashes?” he asked with interest.

Since I am his minister, I am supposed to be a source-authority on such things. But I told him what I thought, though I could not say with certainty. “I think there is a real hunger on the part of people to connect with the Creator in a deep way. I also think that as we look back to our Christian roots in the Roman Catholic Church, we have come to realize that we need not cast off all things Roman Catholic.”

It was with surprise the following day as I was studying for our Wednesday Evening class on “Embracing Adult Faith” that I had some answers and even better, the author of the study agreed with me (somewhat). We love it when others agree with us.

Marcus Borg says that Spiritual Practices were seen by many as too Catholic, and those in modern times tend to dismiss those things that don’t make complete sense. In other words, the Catholics had it right on these Spiritual Practices and they stood by those Practices over the centuries.

We Protestants are now recovering some of those practices, which we have lost, like Ash Wednesday. I’m sure our Roman Catholic friends are smiling at us as we admit this.

Peace, Rev. Bob Tussing

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