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Weekly e-Gram for members and friends of Dublin Community Church

June 15, 2012


With internet and thus email…I can’t guarantee during any vacation time that I will not ever think of work. Much of my daily work involves the internet and communication; and so if I am on vacation and on the internet, it is just a click away and I am in the middle of work.

Recently someone wanted to know someone’s street address and it occurred to me that I don’t even know where the person lived. I talk to them and email them but have no idea where the house is. On the other hand, a church member moved away and kept the same email address and somehow in my mind, that person has not really moved because of the ease of email connections.

Perhaps that is the beauty of going a distance for a vacation, as opposed to a “staycation” where we profess to not doing any work even though we are home and have email/work access. Driving for hours does indeed give one the true feeling of: getting away, traveling a distance, being out of town.

Vacation trips as a kid were accompanied by vast distances (or so it seemed) softened by a sisal basket full of comic books to read while Grandpa drove for 10 hours. No interstates. No 70 miles per hour. It was all two-lane roads which would take more time and thus increase the psychological distance from home. I seem to recall that the gas stations and supermarkets and familiar things of Ohio became unfamiliar. The 10-hour trip made it seem like we had gone to another country, not just a state next door.

The writer Adam Nicolson tells of the isolated islands off the Scottish Coast. People permanently occupied those islands until around the 1800’s. But then with expanding markets of goods from around the world and the concentration of exciting things in cities and larger towns, people who never considered themselves isolated before, started to think of themselves as isolated. And…they no longer wished to live on a lonely island with a few others off the coast of Scotland. They realized that there were now things and events “out there” which they were missing.

I’ve lived in a couple very isolated areas. Loved them, and yet have little desire to return and live there. But then, I find myself trying to recapture that isolated feeling when I go on vacation and hope that every mile on the Interstate that I put between me and my desk will give me distance from the calling I love and the rest I require.

Peace, Rev. Bob Tussing

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