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Weekly e-Gram for members and friends of Dublin Community Church

June 22, 2012


As Rev. Tussing enjoys a week of vacation at the lake, I found myself reflecting on some of the vacations I have taken with my family in recent years.  As a family of six, we often get a bit “creative” with vacations.  Keeping everyone happy – and keeping it affordable – are two of the more challenging aspects of planning a vacation for six.  But what I seem to discover time and again is that there are many ways to “take a vacation” depending on what one’s hopes and expectations are.  I always hope for some quality time with my family, a few laughs, some change in scenery, and, well, just a “break” from the routine.

A few years ago, a new hotel was opening in the Columbus area.  We had the good fortune of being given a voucher to spend a night there for free.  My husband and I thought it might be fun and so we decided, “Why not?”  Our kids initially didn’t “get it.” Why would we drive 15 minutes from home to spend the night in a hotel, for “no reason?”  They started referring to it as the “vacation without a vacation.”  But it turned out to be a really fun time for all.  We went out to dinner in German Village, then back to the hotel to enjoy the hotel pool and the hot tub.  Our room was really nice, and there is nothing quite like six people sharing a hotel suite to instill a sense of “togetherness.”  That was a few years ago, but we still find ourselves reminiscing and laughing about our “vacation without a vacation” and how much fun we had.

We have taken some “bigger” vacations in the past. But this summer we only had a few days and wanted to do something not too far from home. Our children love amusement parks, and having already been to Cedar Point and Kings Island many times, we decided to try a smaller amusement park called “Michigan’s Adventure” in Muskegon, MI.  And since we were going to Michigan anyway, someone came up with the idea to also visit Troy, MI, were we had lived for 10 years when the kids were little. 

So, we visited Troy, our old “stomping grounds.”  We ate at some of our favorite neighborhood restaurants and visited with old friends.  The kids wanted to play on some of the playgrounds we used to frequent and even stopped by their old elementary school where they saw a favorite teacher.  The whole trip seemed a bit “ironic” to me in that we were making a “vacation” out of doing those things that for 10 years had been a day to day part of our lives. I guess a vacation really is how you choose to “look at it.”  We had a really wonderful time; and as the mother of four, I got to hear one of those sounds parents love to hear – the sound of their kids not just getting along, but having a lot of fun together.  

So, I wish for all of you a chance to “vacation” this summer. Whether you travel far, or stay in your own backyard, I wish for you whatever it is that helps renew your soul and transports you away from the day to day pressures of life for a bit.

Even if it’s a vacation without a vacation.

Shalom, Pastor Lisa Bowersock

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