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Weekly e-Gram for members and friends of Dublin Community Church

August 10, 2012


When Fred died, I was asked to officiate the funeral. Everyone figured that his son, David, would return to town to see his father buried. But David did not return because the FBI was looking for him.

I found this out later when David was killed in a shootout with the FBI. The Feds were after him because he had the year before murdered a man and in a separate incident robbed a Brink’s truck. It was all part of a plan to set up a White-Supremacy Empire in our town.

This was brought back to me when I read of the murder of the Sikhs in the community in Wisconsin. The gunman opened fire on men, women and children and finally turned the weapon on himself in the midst of the shoot out. These were innocents whose only crime was that they looked different and worshipped differently than what one man thought should be the standard. The man was a follower of White Power.  He was against immigrants who were not like what he thought Americans should look like.

I often wonder about this “they” and “us” thing. I think of my German immigrant Great Grandfather who came to Ohio and sought out a German-speaking community and found a job with a German-American owned company as a laborer and worshipped in a German-speaking church. I imagine the WWI years were difficult for a German-accented man as others in his community went off to fight Germans in the trenches of France.

Back then, “they” were those who may have looked like “us” but had “accents.” (A highly subjective judgment.) Due to recent immigration laws that allow more to come to our shores, “they” are still the others with accents, but now they look and dress differently than “us.” (Another highly subjective judgment.)

But the “us” part of the equation is not so simple. We think that all White Supremacy advocates are armed to the teeth and covered with tattoos, but often times the “us” type people are the ones hiding in plain sight.

A year after David was killed and his cohorts sent to prison, the wife of one of the robbers and murderers returned to town. She had cooperated with the Feds and received a sentence. She paid it and returned for a job. And I got to know her a bit.

She said that the white supremacy group would meet at an isolated compound in Idaho. It was led by a charismatic leader and David and her husband (and she) and many others fell under his spell.

And she told me, “While the women and children were warming the casseroles for the Sunday luncheon, the men were over in the other building goose-stepping and ‘sieg-heil-ing.’ Just like any Sunday-after-church-potluck.” I may have disagreed with her last point, but I got her meaning.

And the woman herself? One would think she would look like she had lived in a cave and might have a wild kind of expression on her face. But the fact is, she looked like any Minivan driving woman who just had a luncheon at the Country Club and shopped that afternoon at the Mall.

Peace, Rev. Bob Tussing

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