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Weekly e-Gram for members and friends of Dublin Community Church

August 17, 2012


Recently we had a need to get some of our relative’s home addresses. We were missing the address of my sister, oh, and my brother and my other brother too. I don’t have any more siblings, so if I could find those three, I was all set.

I do have their email addresses. Somewhere out there in space and time, on the “cloud” maybe, are the email addresses and text message numbers so I can communicate if I need too. But, if I was supposed to drive to their places quickly, forget it. I know the states for my two brothers but their towns are a bit hazy. I could indeed find my sister’s home. That I could and can do.

So, here is how the “new” communication keeps us linked.

I was on vacation kayaking the lake one morning. I take my iPhone because it has music and my camera. But this one morning I was getting rained on, so I beached the kayak and sat on the shore of this island under some trees and drank coffee and realized it was my brother’s birthday.

Don’t know what town he lives in, but I texted him a heartfelt “Happy Birthday.” I told him I was on the Twin Islands shore in my kayak….but “Happy Birthday” just the same. Turns out, he was on some commuter train in Rhode Island or somewhere heading in to New York City.

We connected in about 5 seconds and exchanged texts several times before I shoved off from shore and/or he de-trained from whatever train he was riding into Manhattan.

I’m pretty sure that he still lives in Pennsylvania and not Rhode Island, though I probably should check on that too. The distances are the same, the ease of connection is much better but the sense of separation, at times, is so much greater.

Peace, Rev. Bob Tussing

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