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Weekly e-Gram for members and friends of Dublin Community Church

August 24, 2012


We’ve got some serious issues out there like Global Warming, War and an Election and I stay up on the news by reading a lot. But, in the past few months I have read no less than three articles on kitchen refrigerators and all the stuff we tape and magnetize to them.

The writer of one article said that she can tell a lot about a family by what she sees on their Fridge. It got me to thinking. First I want to know is this really a national problem…the overloading of kitchen refrigerators with magnets, pictures and postcards? Second, is there not enough to write about (see paragraph one) and now we are reduced to writing about our refrigerator magnets? And third, I was going to feng-sui my fridge and I have no problem revealing what sort of family I live in by detailing our kitchen-fridge-clutter.

There’s a couple cute crayon drawings of our grand daughter. One says that she loves Grandma. A couple of her school pictures and one of her in a lifejacket and goggles at the lake, looking like a Navy Seal. Those will probably remain until her Prom pictures are posted.

We have two postcards that I sent home from London back in the early days of the George W. Bush Administration. Who sends postcards anymore?

Our youngest is moving out due to her upcoming wedding so she has taken to filing her really important papers vertically on the freezer under a clip-magnet thing-y. There may be a house mortgage paper there along with a couple ownership papers for their horses. Speaking of which, we have a picture of her horse. And there is one of her dog with our other daughter’s dog…under the heading “Best Buds.”

I never envisioned things like this in my future back when I was studying in seminary in Berkeley.

There are a couple recipes cut from magazines. My wife’s “school file” also under a clip-magnet thing-y. And on the side is a family calendar with pictures for each month. I noticed that I was not in any of the pictures and then I noticed that the calendar wasn’t of my family. It’s my sister-in-law’s family, which might explain why I am absent. They are a rather photogenic family but there is one baby picture of whom I have no idea. Which probably means I probably should make more effort to attend those family picnics in Lima.

And then we have the ubiquitous kitchen magnets. Most of these are ads for American Express, a Horse Place, The Lancaster Festival in 2007, the NEA Calendar for 2012 AND on for 2009. I also noticed a “Save the Date” magnet for a wedding in October of 2008. It should me noted that we saved the magnet but did not attend the wedding. It got covered up by the picture of a horse. Once those magnets get slapped on the fridge, they are there forever.

And finally, we have a Central American painted magnet of the Holy Family (Mother Mary, Joseph and the Christ Child). It holds a menu from a take-out pizza place. An interesting juxtaposition of what this family holds as sacred and useful.

On the right side of the fridge is a magnetized paper tablet labeled “To Do.” And on the top of the to-do list is….Clean Fridge.

Peace, Rev. Bob Tussing

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