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Weekly e-Gram for members and friends of Dublin Community Church

March 8, 2013


There is great symbolism in calendar dates. We honor our birthdays and anniversaries. (They become our computer passwords.) Generations remember with pride and sadness the dates of great military battles or the signing of a country’s independence.

Our church has many significant dates associated with it; but the best date for us, as a Community Church, is the day when three Dublin Churches (Methodist, Presbyterian, Christian) officially sat in worship for the very first time.

The date: March 4, 1913.

March fourth. March forth!

Did the founding fathers and mothers intentionally select that date since it is the only day on the calendar which is a command? (Really. Think about it.)

Dr. Washington Gladden, who rallied the community after two of its three churches were destroyed in a tornado in 1912, predicted that one strong church would be much better than three weak churches.

He also said that our young men and women would more likely stay in the area and that our farms would be worth more because of the merger. In a sense, he was correct about the latter prediction; though in all fairness, the value of farms is based a bit more on suburban development and a burgeoning population rather than a solid church being in their midst. (And all those farms of 1912 are now housing subdivisions, golf courses, highway interchanges and places of business.)

Nevertheless, the merger took place, the people “marched forth” and one hundred years later we are still marching forth. And I would not hesitate to say that we are still the spiritual and social center of Dublin as Dr. Gladden predicted. (Historic Dublin, that is). Our red brick chapel with its white church spire is an iconic sight when one approaches on highway 161/Bridge St. from either direction. (And besides, we have been certified an “icon” since Kroger down the street painted a picture of our chapel right up there above the Express Lane checkouts.)

The Preschool, the Food Pantry, the many AA groups, the Red Cross, the Boy Scouts…oh, and our church itself…still find Dublin Community Church to be the center of much of what happens in Dublin. Our three predecessor churches began 200 years ago and a quirk in the weather pattern forced the three to re-evaluate their mission and become one in 1913.

We have been a Community Church for 100 years this week! Come join us for worship this Sunday, where we just might see Dr. Washington Gladden, the visionary for our merger, join us for our worship. Music. A baptism. The Word preached and coffee and cake afterwards.

March forth indeed! Right into our second century!

Peace, Rev. Bob Tussing

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