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Weekly e-Gram for members and friends of Dublin Community Church

May 10, 2013


There are so few times that we ask our teens to dress up. But it is much more than that. In this casual-dress era, which is not a bad thing, we also are much more casual about our ceremonies.

Case in point: Confirmation Day for our 8th graders. This took place this past Sunday as 16 youth were presented to the church. Over the past year, I told these students that they were welcome to come to our regular Monday night classes in whatever sports uniform they just finished practice in. Just come and join us; and often times they did, because they were rushing in from football or track. Occasionally they would have a sandwich and fries too. I’m glad they came after school, after sports, and that their parents made yet another taxi run to get them here.

So, after a year of Monday night discussions and assignments. After six more evenings of journeying to different Mosques, cathedrals and synagogues and churches. After an evening of hearing our own church history. After an Autumn Ropes Course which introduced the group’s members to one another. After a Spring weekend retreat at the church camp to design and make our Confirmation Banner…and have 16 Mentors come up to camp to be with them. After all of that: we held Confirmation Sunday on May 5.

The guys wore ties and sport coats. The girls wore dresses. And amidst it all, there seemed to be the notion that this was important. The church was filled. All of the Confirmands had family on hand. Aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, siblings.

And though their lives are dominated by cell phones, video games and pop music: and though school studies and sports take the largest bite out of their time: and though the world is filled with meaningless and overwrought moments; and though the world is truly and sadly filled with scary things which can harm; amidst all of this is a church community which believes it can make a difference in their lives.

This church community believes that following Christ is the way; that blessing their journey is proper; that giving history and meaning to their lives can make a difference.

And so, properly dressed for a significant moment in their lives, we said some ancient and modern words over them. Families crowded around. They took the Bread and Cup. The congregation watched on approvingly and the blessings of a Risen Christ were bestowed on yet another generation.

And we believe that this is good.

Peace, Rev. Bob Tussing

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