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Weekly e-Gram for members and friends of Dublin Community Church

July 5, 2013


Back in the 60’s, the church I grew up in would take the Youth Fellowship Kids on Caravan Trips.

We would go to cities and view the work of the UCC and visit nursing homes, big churches, and seminaries and then see a large zoo and take in a major league baseball game. We’d see other major tourist sites in that city too.

One year I recall that we had “34 young people in eight cars.”

That was before Mini-Vans and SUV’s and everywhere we went the minister would announce that we had “34 young people in eight cars.”

Hmmmm. Now that I do the math and I know we had adult drivers, we must have packed a couple kids in the trunk. Perhaps the years and miles have increased the number of “young people” on that trip or decreased the number of cars which were driven. In any case, it was a great time, and perhaps I am in the ministry today because of seeing the work of the church in a larger context.

Today our churches don’t go on caravan trips to see the work of the church; they go on Work Trips to work. I like what they do and why they do it.

Recently our Youth Work Trip went to Appalachia. It was a sweat-filled, work-intensive week. (As one mother said, “That’s why we send them!”)

Beyond work and more work it was well worth it from what I have heard. Indeed we will have our Youth Sunday early in the fall with a video of the work done. But, two conversations have given me insight into what took place last week.

Two of the chaperones who do not normally work with the Senior Hi Youth said that our kids, “fit in really well, and were not shy about speaking up in front of other youth groups who were there as part of the work project.”

I spoke with a couple of the younger girls who went on their first work trip. Both admitted that the trip made them work hard and in the next breath, both said that they were looking forward to next year’s work trip (and then they showed me their newly-colored and polished nails).

These work trips require a tremendous amount of preparation work on the part of the adult leadership; but from every indication, the prep and the work and the experiences are worth it.

And by the way… I think our numbers were, “23 young people, 10 chaperones and one huge bus.”

Thanks to our Youth Leadership, and the Youth themselves!

Peace, Rev. Bob Tussing

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