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Weekly e-Gram for members and friends of Dublin Community Church

August 9, 2013

During much of the year, we busy professionals can tell our colleagues and ourselves that we have many important things to accomplish each day: various meetings, some visits, a report or two and a glance at some budgets.

It’s probably true too.

But, such was not the case with me recently when I returned to the lake for a week away. I had one initial goal and I am glad to say I was successful. I met my goal.

Actually all I did was find a couple loons but that was my goal and I’ve discovered that if you keep your goals narrowed down and simple in August, chances are you’ll succeed.

About eight weeks before we had noticed the pair of loons on the lake had a chick. That is indeed, good news for the Loon Community of North America. A few weeks later the chick was no longer riding on the back of the parents but floating and swimming along and even sticking its head under to water to observe.

Now, my only, initial goal upon returning to the lake, was a to see if the baby loon was still with the parents. Life can be treacherous for young loons, not the least of which are powerboats which ply tie waters of the lake. Mine included. So we set out searching.

On our second pass along the twin islands the loon family swam amidst the powerboats. I applaud them for their boldness and partial stupidity. But, their kind was on this lake before my kind. Unfortunately many of my kind also have 265 horse engines.

But the chick is now a “teenager” and it's a wonder that it will hang with its parents any longer. It is now diving and swimming under water in search of food. I know this to be so, when in the morning, I came across the mama (or dad?) and baby. They were 20 feet away from me as I paddled, and the mama lets out a loon call and they both dove under the kayak and resurfaced on the other side.

But, like I said: their kind was on this lake, long before my kind. And I have learned when it is best to just paddle on by.

And so I did.

Peace, Rev. Bob Tussing

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