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Weekly e-Gram for members and friends of Dublin Community Church

August 16, 2013


Consider this the second of a pair of E-Gram bookends about my summer vacation. Like the one last week about Loons, this one is about another graceful bird which plies the lake and competes for space with me in my kayak.

I paddle out early in the morning. There is twilight but the sun has not yet risen. As I circle one bay I startle a big Blue Heron, which is perched on a dock. He (she??) looks at me and flies on ahead to another boat dock along the bay. But I catch up with him and he flies farther ahead and once again I paddle past his latest roost. Four times we do this.

But, now he is examining the water for food and barely glances my way. I’m grateful that I have not upset his morning meditations too much.

I paddle on by.

Ten minutes later, I enter another cove and once again startle another Blue Heron. I am not Jack Hanna, but I know this is a different Heron. The Heron flies on around the cove. I reach her again. She flies to another dock. I paddle past her again and she flies on ahead. Six times we do this tango around the distant cove and each time she flies on up the shoreline; six times I eventually reach her again. I was heading that direction anyway; it’s not like I was pursuing her.

The 21st Century man in me wonders of this Blue Heron, constantly flying on ahead, never allowing us to quite reach her, is really all our problems and anxieties, which never seem to leave us. They move on ahead of us and are never addressed, never solved, and never put to rest.

The Preacher in me wonders if this Heron is a metaphor for our striving for peace and solace in a world which has so little. That peace is illusive, just out of reach but never out of sight. It just might be obtained one day.

But the kayaker in me wins out. It’s just a Blue Heron, and I am just a guy in a red kayak who happens to be going the same direction as this stately bird.

Sometimes I overthink things.

I paddle on by.

Peace, Rev. Bob Tussing

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