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Weekly e-Gram for members and friends of Dublin Community Church

November 15, 2013


Every couple of years, an email makes its rounds and lands in my box. It is harmless and has a list of advertising slogans which have been altered so that they are “Christianized.”

They take old advertising slogans and insert “God” or “Jesus,” and therefore are supposed to express….something….I’m not sure what.

Things go better with Jesus (Things go better with Coke)
God has a better idea. (Ford has a better idea)

You get the picture. But it occurs to me that the quotes tell more about the age of the sender than the supposed enlightenment which the altered quote is to convey.

I estimate that both of those advertising slogans are at least 40 years old. I realize I could Google that last statement and know for certain, and I imagine a 16 year old would. But, you get the picture. If you or I receive the above-mentioned email in the coming year, you can bet that the forwarder is over 60 years old.

This is a constant challenge for me in sermon illustrations. Football illustrations appeal to certain folks and go clear over the head of others. A broad illustration about the score or location of a game will catch the ear of most anyone, but reference to arcane rules or long-gone stars of another era totally go past the 20 year olds.

On the other hand, perhaps it is good for the 20 and 30 year olds to hear some reference to things that took place in another era. I recall when I would hear about events of other eras, when I was young, it would spur me to find out what the preacher, teacher or politician was talking about. Besides, today, we’ll be in Confirmation Class and if the kids are lost on a cultural reference that I make, one of them will look at me and say, “Can I Google that?” And they take out their phone and look it up.

Case in point. A few weeks ago we baptized a wide-eyed handsome little baby boy. He was wearing an all white suit with a white vest and pants and shoes. He was looking great.

As I presented him to the congregation I remarked that he was wearing his Cab Calloway outfit. I knew that only a small segment of the congregation would appreciate that little joke. I only hope the parents were prepared to Google it.

Peace, Rev. Bob Tussing

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